Rebuilding Homes

Give warmth to hundreds of orphaned children living in homes that are unfit for the harsh winter.

Rebuilding Homes

Give warmth to hundereds of orphaned children living in homes that are unfit for the harsh winter.

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Thanks to our key partners, 100% of the donations we receive go directly towards helping orphans! 

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At Al-Ayn Canada, we have many volunteer opportunities available where volunteers can bring their own touch to create their own difference within our organization.

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Children all over the world have a dream, and you have the capability of making it come true!

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Quality education, improving lives, stabilizing and supporting families, support and grow uniquely impactful programs to create long-term benefits for low-income populations.

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The Life-Changing Sponsorship Program

The Life-Changing Sponsorship Program

Written by Zainab Sadiq Keeping updated with what’s going on in the world can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself. We all try to know what’s going on, what causes to lend our voices to, and try to find ways to help. When hearing about the conditions that...

Meet Asinat

Meet Asinat

My name is Asinat and my little sister's name is Asan. When the conflict began, I was 2 and she was 1. I had to flee, but the conflict spread to the place we had escaped to, and my father was killed. His corpse was left for days before we saw it. We couldn't afford a...

The Love of a Mother

The Love of a Mother

I never imagined I could be this strong. I have two children named Ruqayya (pictured) and Dunya, and before my husband died I looked after them and didn't do too much outside the house. I never really imagined life without him and didn't think that one day I would do...