How Are We Making a Difference?

As an independent humanitarian organization, Al-Ayn aims to provide the best care to orphans and the needy living below the poverty line. Our efforts have been making a difference in the lives of every orphan child that is sponsored through Al-Ayn. Below are all the services and amenities provided to every orphaned child under the care of Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation.


Al-Ayn helps orphans who have reached the age of 18 years and are unable to receive any financial aid through providing workshops to allow orphans to establish their own businesses. 

Educational Support

Al-Ayn aims at helping orphans continue their education and urges them to excel and achieve the highest ranks in their studies.

Financial Support

Each orphan and their family that registered and sponsored through Al-Ayn receive a monthly allowance ensuring that they have food and other necessities in order to live. 


Al-Ayn provides all health care support to orphans and widows including but not limited to regular checkups, treatments, surgeries, and any medical requirements needed.

Phychological Care

Through Al-Ayn, orphans receive special care and are closely monitored and treated if they present any signs of autism, phobias, aggressiveness, and more. 


Al-Ayn provides fully furnished housing to those orphans and families who are homeless as well as fixing up current homes of those families who truly deserve it. Al-Ayn also provides housing for any displaced family. 

Orphans Sponsored

Sustainable Projects

Surgeries Performed

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I sponsor a child?

Sign up to become a sponsor on our sponsorship page. As soon as your first payment is made, we will send you a profile of a child that you are now the sponsor of. It is that simple!

How can I help your organization?

You can help by becoming a sponsor, making a donation, or by becoming a volunteer. The possibilities are endless! 

I want to help children to! How can I join you?

You can become a campaign lead by getting in touch with our support team. This will allow you the capability of creating a custom campaign that you will be in charge of. Every little bit counts!