Luminous Stars Centre: Psychological, Medical, Vocational Training

As a result of years of instability caused by war, a startling 1 in 5 people in Iraq is impoverished, with orphaned children often being impacted the most drastically. The recent COVID-19 global pandemic has only served to escalate the severe mental trauma that the children are attempting to overcome. Moreover, basic services are no longer easily accessible, leading to a detrimental impact on both their present and future. These children’s future depends on you.

Right now, Al-Ayn will focus its efforts on fulfilling its mission of rebuilding the lives of orphaned children and youth across  Iraq by providing readily available access to mental health services as well as vocational training opportunities through the Luminous Stars Centres.


For the last 15 years, Al-Ayn has built a global community that serves and empowers orphaned children and their families. The Luminous Stars Centres in different provinces throughout Iraq provide orphaned children with a second chance at life. Each centre aims to rebuild the lives of orphaned children and youth by providing access to psychological rehabilitation and vocational training workshops, which allow for orphaned youth to transition into adulthood.

Three years since the inception of the Luminous Stars centres, we have made accomplished our goal of completing the construction of the centres located in Baghdad, Diwaniya, and Najaf. This year, we are fundraising to complete construction for an additional 12 centres across different provinces in Iraq.

Shine a light in this holy month and help build a Luminous Stars Center.