The Life-Changing Sponsorship Program

The Life-Changing Sponsorship Program

Written by Zainab Sadiq

Keeping updated with what’s going on in the world can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself. We all try to know what’s going on, what causes to lend our voices to, and try to find ways to help. When hearing about the conditions that Iraqi children had to endure following
the gulf wars and violence brought on by terrorism, there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t want to help. A 2018 statement by UNICEF highlighted how 1 in 4 children in Iraq are directly affected by conflict and poverty. In their most recent 2020 situation report, they calculated
the children in need of humanitarian aid at 1.89 million. This can range from humanitarian aid for food, education, livelihood, and mental health/psychological services.

Al-Ayn began as a grassroots non-profit to document the impact that terrorism and war have had on these children and provide them with life-changing tools for the best chances of success in life. While any donation can help towards the programs Al-Ayn provides, one
of the most direct ways to see your impact is through an orphan sponsorship. After a careful
assessment, children are deemed in need of assistance and are placed on a sponsorship list. From there, their information is registered with Al-Ayn and any special needs they may have
are also assessed. The sponsorship program aims to provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and educational support to orphaned children.

By taking a look at the needs of individual children, Al-Ayn is able to provide additional support where needed. Whether that is in the form of academically gifted educational
programs, psychological rehabilitation for victims of terrorism, or extra medical services. Your donation goes towards providing wholistic support for children to have the tools to become self-sustainable. As they grow older, Al-Ayn’s vocational training centers help teach
skills like phone repair, haircutting, and cooking. By providing this training as they get older, these children grow up to have a means of supporting themselves. Starting at $100 a month you can see how your donation provides a child in need a chance to grow into their

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