The Winter Initiative

Written by Zainab Sadiq

As the holiday season is upon us, we are all gearing up for the winter weather. Our coats are coming out of storage and our mornings once again require cleaning snow off cars. While going through these changes, we also have the security and comfort that a warm home provides, heating for these cold winter nights, and a safe place to rest our heads. With this in mind, Al-Ayn Canada has chosen its next campaign to focus on rebuilding the homes of orphans and their families who aren’t as lucky as we are.
Al-Ayn focuses on creating lasting change to the lives of orphans, and their #RebuildingHomes campaign is no different. By focusing on raising funds for individual homes, Al-Ayn enough money to carry out repairs to 496 homes and these projects are currently underway. Being able to contribute to the safety and security of an orphan is crucial in building sustainable futures for these kids and their families. By ensuring that these basic, fundamental needs are taken care of, these children can focus on growing academically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Working towards sustainable change in these kids’ lives requires a methodical process that takes into account the needs of the orphans. Having started as a grassroots organization, being on the ground in Iraq, and the insight that that provides, allows the Al-Ayn team to assess the unique needs of the orphans and the best way in which to help them. Having an international presence today, the organization is able to raise funds and complete projects on a need’s bases.
While continuing to stay indoors and stay safe, throughout these many lockdowns we have all come to rely on the security and functionality of our homes. Throughout these cold winter months, we urge you to give whatever you can to Al-Ayn’s #RebuildingHomes project. They are currently raising funds for the Al-Badri Home and Abdel Gharib Home with targets of $5,550 and $9,900 respectively. In this season of giving, these campaigns are an incredible way to see the impact you can have on the life of an orphan. Below is the link to the campaign to donate to either rebuilding project.

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